Dr. Bawa

Our latest project in Wadala is a sprawling 4BHK residence spanning an impressive 2400 sq ft of carpet space. With this endeavor, we are able to demonstrate our unwavering commitment and dedication to achieving unparalleled design excellence in residential interior design.

In the Dr. Bawa project, we are committed to providing quality services. Every intricate detail was carefully crafted to create a seamless fusion of practicality and luxury. Our commitment to using premium materials underscores our desire to create spaces that last.

Dr. Bawa’s dreams became a tapestry weaved by our dedicated cadre of visionaries in the alchemy of design. It was a symbiotic collaboration that met and exceeded expectations, demonstrating our ability to construct exceptional residential interiors promptly.

With JRT Interior Designers, your home becomes more than a space; it becomes a bespoke haven meticulously sculpted to suit your lifestyle. Let us transform your home into a cocoon of luxury and ease, where every nuance reflects your taste and ambitions. Our vision is to reimagine the very essence of home, transcending the mundane into an experience that resonates with your soul’s cadence.

Client : Dr. Bawa

Location : Wadala

Flat Size : 4BHK

Square Feet : 2400 sq ft carpet area 

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