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The journey of JRT Interiors, Mumbai’s premier interior designers, began with a vision to redefine interior design and architecture. As one of the best interior companies in Mumbai, we strive to provide our clients with exceptional architecture services.

We aspired to be the best interior designers in Mumbai, combining creativity, functionality, and aesthetics to create spaces that inspire. We provide top-tier interior design services in Mumbai due to our commitment to quality.

Our journey as interior designers continues today, fuelled by our passion for creating remarkable interiors. With our interior design services in Mumbai, we aim to elevate living and working spaces to new heights.

We aim to redefine interior design and architecture. Join us in creating spaces that will leave a lasting impression.

Meet Our team.

Making any project successful requires a team that displays an array of qualities. In the business of interiors, creativity and innovation are at the core, allowing one to create near-perfect designs.  

Aligning with these values, our team at JRT Interiors doesn’t just create something magical but also pays utmost attention to detail to guarantee a perfect execution. We believe in managing our time efficiently and guaranteeing maximum customer satisfaction to ensure a smooth process.

Teamwork is another aspect that makes any project successful. Balancing their and the organization’s needs, our team tries to work diligently to provide the best services possible.



A successful interior design business requires a founder with a sense of aesthetics, a sense of creativity, and a profound knowledge of design principles. Visionary founders should be able to come up with unique and innovative ideas in the realm of interior design.

JRT Interiors founder Trilok Sahu exhibits the qualities necessary for successful leadership. Having worked on both commercial and residential projects for 12 years, he is deeply rooted in the world of interior design. Trilok's roots in interior design run deep, with the initial foundation laid by his father creating a legacy that spans 35 years.

With his exceptional decision-making skills and commitment to providing premium and affordable materials, he sets himself apart. Trilok not only meets clients' expectations, but also adheres to deadlines, which he believes is crucial to building long-term client relationships. Execution is of utmost importance to him. Whenever he designs a space, he makes sure it has a story to tell!

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